#WednesdayWisdom: Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is not just a person or a place or an object. Happiness is a state of mind. Remember, you are responsible for your own happiness. You create it, you control it and you embody it. It is the manifestation of your thoughts. You become the gate keeper of your own feelings and choose your perceptions of both internal and external forces. You layer each piece until you build a shelter that stores your deepest emotions and possess all of the tools to envision your own reality. You have the power to orchestrate a beautiful symphony that is heard through the words you speak. It is your ability to manipulate your consciousness, that allows you to be happy and feel only what you want to feel. Our mind is that strong. You are that strong. Therefore, live the life that makes you happy. Live the life you deserve.

–          Aida M


Monday Motivation- we are our own worst prison


We poses the ability to be who we choose to be, to love whom we desire to love, to learn all that we are capable of learning and to create from the wildest of our imaginations to the deepest of our conscious dreams. We are our own worst prison, trapped in our own fears that keep us from achieving what we are destined to achieve. If we do not let our fears destroy us, then we can forever be free.

– Aida M.images

Their eyes speak words of truth

The eyes speak words of truth that the mouth sometimes cannot. They let you see into a persons soul and understand themDeeper than a conversation would allow. The purest of hearts are often the ones that don’t speak loud but their actions are loud enough for the world to see. Often it’s the ones that communicate through passion and love that have the most honest story to tell. The ones who sit their quietly, not uttering words with every breath usually have the most to say. Understanding one expression can convey emotions that the verbal language tends to hold back. If you know someone deep enough to know their every feeling, every thought and every action before the words leave their lips, then you are lucky enough to have found a connection so rare and so pure. A connection that embodies you spiritually and not just physically. A connection that binds two souls, and only those two souls, that cannot be put into words. You are lucky enough to know that person at their purest form, the part that speaks directly from their heart to yours.

To the sensitive souls…

The kindest of hearts are usually the most sensitive. The genuine souls are usually the ones that have hurt the most. They give their whole world to the person that lets them in. They will welcome you with open arms, and trust your every word. However, if you destroy their confidence, lose their respect or break their heart, they will forever put up a wall and shield their heart from you. They are tortured souls, searching for kindness from those who deserve it. They are not able to control their passion, their love is often misunderstood for weakness. This type of person needs the most compassion, they need a love that will guide them back to their happiness. They often shine bright, but their light is overpowered by the darkness that fills their spirit. Despite any struggles they go through, they remain genuine and pure. They become leaders for those who have been broken. And, no matter how much pain they have suffered, how much their heart has been broken, they will accept you and trust your intentions. They are birds, ready to fly, and when loved they spread their wings so beautifully and soar across the sky.
– Aida P 

#THURSDAY THOUGHTS: Love has no boundaries

Sometimes you might go through struggles, the feeling that you’re alone trying to fight a war that has already decalared its winner, but as with life, the battle is only as tough as you make it. If you let people make your decisions for you or try to influence you then whose life are you really living? We should respect the opinions of others, listen to them, understand them and use them, but that’s where it ends. No matter who the person is or what their opinion is it shouldn’t determine what your outcome is. For me, love is the most powerful and inspirational thing I can have and be blessed enough to have. So to listen to the opinions of others on the relationship I have or the love I choose to have is something I have learnt to throw to one side and leave it there.

People will always have their perception of what they think you should do or what they think will happen but in no way should that become a factor in your decisions. Society said same sex marriage was wrong, does that mean we should listen? No! Love is what we want it to be; love has no colour, no gender and no barriers. We only get one chance at this life, so do we really want to waste it worrying or feeling abandoned by society? That we haven’t continued to follow years of tradition that should never have even been important enough to have lasted as long as it has? The answer is and will always be NO. Tradition is just that, it’s one generation’s idea that has surpassed its years. It’s time for a new tradition, it’s time to create our own traditions and be the first generation to really know what it’s like to be free and living for ourselves.

Remember love has no boundaries – No race, gender, culture, religion, or language.

Love yourself; it starts with YOU

ImageSo here’s the thing. You can be the most beautiful person in the world, when people look at you your natural beauty shines through, your eyes sparkle with happiness and your smile lights up a room. But, does any of that matter when the person you look at in the mirror doesn’t agree? If you don’t believe what you’re worth then why should anyone else’s opinion matter? It doesn’t start with what people think, it starts with what you think.

I understand it’s easier to say you should love yourself then it actually is to believe it. But we as women do need to realise that self-love is a very important factor in any relationship, any choice we make and any future love we may want. It shouldn’t be misconstrued with cockiness, because that’s far from what it is. It is a confidence that we should have and all women should reflect within their personalities and their attitudes. It starts with your head and not your mirror.

Woman are by nature insecure, no matter what you may be insecure about it is something that can control us and become a major part of our decision making, which in the long run can be a dangerous thing. To be confident is to be strong enough to not let your insecurities rise above your strength because it takes a brave person to be confident.  Even the most insecure person can appear to be the most confident, and not because they’re learning to control their insecurities but because they’re better at hiding them then the rest of us.

Every minute you waste criticizing yourself, doubting yourself or not believing your self-worth is time wasted. It’s time that shouldn’t even been spent on the negatives but should be spent on all the things that are beautiful.

So, just remember. Learning to love yourself is learning to appreciate what you have. People will always put you down, but they can also be the reason why you rise above them too. Learning to love yourself essentially allows others to love you, it opens the doors to so many possibilities and allows the sun to shine through where there used to be a grey sky. Learning to love yourself is the realisation that you shouldn’t live to false expectations and the beauty of reality is right in front of you. And most importantly learning to love yourself is a woman’s most beautiful trait, so embrace it and don’t throw another moment away on the things that are not important.

Welcome to the desert of the real

Based on my final year dissertation at University

images (2)Modernism can be seen to be the enlightenment of the new world, and a strive towards universal reason and self-realization of the human race. This way of thinking soon gave possibility knowing that man-kind could create a new and better society, which was a sense of freedom as it paved the way for a reality which could be created by the mind and people’s fantasies, ideas and dreams could become real.

Modernism has created this representative, future like quality which people responded to and to go back to the traditional way of life was also a danger of being obsolete. It was an environment created to resemble ‘real life’; it seemed to be starting to form a simulated version of reality.

French Philosopher Jean Baudrillard constructed broad ideas of human society with the understanding that people are constantly searching for a meaning and understanding of the world. He stressed that “Postmodernism is a self constrained social condition”.  He developed his theories and based them on the idea that the world, our reality is nothing more than a representation of the real. He suggested that we have become so blind as to see what reality truly is and in order to identify it we must escape from this prison and simulation if we want to ever uncover the truth and the real world.

The Matrix, which Baudrillard sees as the current reality society endures, is merely a system of simulations of the real and authentic. It is something society chooses to believe and understand because it has been successful in providing a perception of reality through control, manipulation, our emotions and the information we get as children.

Andy and Lana Wachowski’s film The Matrix (1999), was taken from Jean Baudrillard’s theory of Simulacra and Simulation. The idea is portrayed through a man (Neo) waking up from the Matrix and coming to terms with the real world and seeing the world around him become so embodied by this materialistic life.

It can be indicated that a scene in the film which really identifies with a postmodernist society shows a woman wearing a red dress. This in essence represents temptation and a need which people give into in everyday life. She walks past the main character Neo on a crowded street, he looks at her but does not give into her. If Neo had given into this temptation he would have been killed by the agents. When looking at it from an everyday standpoint, the idea would be him giving into a consumerist society which imprisons the mind by looking at the world from a naive perception.

It reflects what Baudrillard said in his book Simulacra and Simulation about the idea of the Matrix and falsity of signs and images, “it is dangerous to unmask images, since they dissimulate the fact that there is nothing behind them” It is a symbolic interpretation of a society being dependent on materialism and technology, by giving up their freedom which contradicts what modernism was supposed to enforce. Modernism has created a society which is less preoccupied with the importance of social issues, history and our civilisation.

However, what The Matrix film proposes with ‘the desert of the real’ can be argued to be a misrepresentation of what Baudrillard suggests, as in the film it is proposed that the real world exists outside of the Matrix. For Baudrillard this is inaccurate as the real no longer exists and what is presented is only the simulation. The Matrix film is merely a fabrication of what the Matrix defines.

In reference to Zygmunt Bauman, Intimations of Postmodernity he writes “representation and what is represented, simulations and truth, image and reality. All these things are hopelessly mixed up.” Thus a postmodernist world can therefore articulate that of a ‘consensus reality’, which supports the question of ‘what is real’, and is either what actually exists or what can be agreed to exist. It challenges the notion of ‘true reality’ and is reflected in everyday media. Like the Matrix in the film, it is seen to be fabricated, an illusion fed to a population which is captivated by it. Whence the birth of Hyperreality where “truth has not been destroyed, it has been made irrelevant.”

The next time you watch The Matrix think to yourself, are there any similarities you can see between our reality and the reality portrayed in the film?