To the sensitive souls…

The kindest of hearts are usually the most sensitive. The genuine souls are usually the ones that have hurt the most. They give their whole world to the person that lets them in. They will welcome you with open arms, and trust your every word. However, if you destroy their confidence, lose their respect or break their heart, they will forever put up a wall and shield their heart from you. They are tortured souls, searching for kindness from those who deserve it. They are not able to control their passion, their love is often misunderstood for weakness. This type of person needs the most compassion, they need a love that will guide them back to their happiness. They often shine bright, but their light is overpowered by the darkness that fills their spirit. Despite any struggles they go through, they remain genuine and pure. They become leaders for those who have been broken. And, no matter how much pain they have suffered, how much their heart has been broken, they will accept you and trust your intentions. They are birds, ready to fly, and when loved they spread their wings so beautifully and soar across the sky.
– Aida P 


A Thought For Thursday- what’s on your mind?

ImageIm starting a new weekly post on my blog every thursday where I will post a ‘THURSDAY THOUGHT’, anything from quotes, to a thought I had that morning and just something I heard and wanted to comment about. As well as posting my thoughts, It would be great to hear yours too so let me know your Thursday Thoughts in the comments below. 

So here is my Thursday Thought; We may look at others and feel that they have everything, they have the job we want, the money we dream about, the love we long for and the success we crave. However, we never stop to think that life happens the way we choose it to. Nobody in life has or gets everything they want, or thought they would get. No matter how much we think someone else has or how much they succeed, we should remember that life is what we make it. Success comes from hard work, love comes from not looking for it but letting it happen and a positive life comes from kindness and the ability to not judge people. Its easy to envy other peoples lives, but by respecting what they have and focusing on getting to where you need to be through determination and passion, that is when amazing things will happen. 

 Someone else isn’t walking your journey, you are!