#WednesdayWisdom: Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is not just a person or a place or an object. Happiness is a state of mind. Remember, you are responsible for your own happiness. You create it, you control it and you embody it. It is the manifestation of your thoughts. You become the gate keeper of your own feelings and choose your perceptions of both internal and external forces. You layer each piece until you build a shelter that stores your deepest emotions and possess all of the tools to envision your own reality. You have the power to orchestrate a beautiful symphony that is heard through the words you speak. It is your ability to manipulate your consciousness, that allows you to be happy and feel only what you want to feel. Our mind is that strong. You are that strong. Therefore, live the life that makes you happy. Live the life you deserve.

–          Aida M


Thursday Thoughts – Live in its beauty and feel its generosity

When it’s real it can’t be broken. It won’t just fade away like a rainbow after a storm or the sun as the night draws in. When it’s real, it’s here to stay. It’s not there one minute and gone the next. It will stay with you until the last words you speak and the last breath you take. There is no hesitation when it comes to true love, it’s as real as the air we breathe and the touch we feel. It may not always be stable and can get a little hard at times, but the real lies in whether it sticks with you through everything, the good and the bad. It may be the reason you’re hurting or why you’re insecure, but it’s also the reason why you care so much and why your heart feels warm. Nothing compares to this feeling, no amount of money and no amount of worthless attention can amount to the happiness you feel by loving someone and being loved. Never compare it to others; never have expectations of what it should be, just live in the moment with each other. Live in its beauty, and feel its generosity. Treasure it like it’s the most precious thing in the world. Nurture it so its grows and speak only words of kindness. The reason why old flames burn out is because they were never meant to last forever. The flame starts off strong, but eventually withers down to its last flicker. A new flame, if taken care off properly and loved beautifully, can last a lifetime in each other’s hearts. For when it’s real, it will never burn out.

The Art Of Marriage 

Marriage is a gift and although it may seem easy to get married, the real beauty lies in how much effort and love you put into that marriage everyday for the rest of your lives together. The art of marriage takes understanding, knowing exactly when the other person is angry or upset, but better yet, knowing how to handle and comfort them at their lowest. The art of marriage takes patience and acceptance, not getting frustrated at the little things that wont matter in future and accepting their flaws as the one thing that makes them special. The art of marriage is about respect, understanding what hurts the other person and doing everything in your power to never let them hurt again, but more importantly, never being the reason why they are hurting. The art of marriage takes loyalty, being loyal to your every word and staying loyal to the most important word, ‘love’. The art of marriage takes courage, knowing that you have taken on a responsibility to be everything you can for that other person and always being there for every tear, every struggle, every loss and every pain they may feel. The art of marriage is about friendship, not only being lovers, but being each others best friend and shoulder to lean on. Marriage is an art that may take many years for some to perfect, and some may never finish perfecting it but the true art is in never stopping. Never taking one moment for granted and never giving up on the person that brings the art to life.

To the sensitive souls…

The kindest of hearts are usually the most sensitive. The genuine souls are usually the ones that have hurt the most. They give their whole world to the person that lets them in. They will welcome you with open arms, and trust your every word. However, if you destroy their confidence, lose their respect or break their heart, they will forever put up a wall and shield their heart from you. They are tortured souls, searching for kindness from those who deserve it. They are not able to control their passion, their love is often misunderstood for weakness. This type of person needs the most compassion, they need a love that will guide them back to their happiness. They often shine bright, but their light is overpowered by the darkness that fills their spirit. Despite any struggles they go through, they remain genuine and pure. They become leaders for those who have been broken. And, no matter how much pain they have suffered, how much their heart has been broken, they will accept you and trust your intentions. They are birds, ready to fly, and when loved they spread their wings so beautifully and soar across the sky.
– Aida P 

#MondayMotivation – Knowing the art of love

I found someone who was brave enough to enter my storm. Someone who no matter how much it rained and how big the waves were he still managed to find the calm. Love guides you to your missing piece much like the ocean finds the shore. The sun will always set just as it will rise each morning, the heart is much the same, it has its destiny – it will always lead you to the person youre supposed to be with and nothing can come in between that. Life creates a balance of happiness and sadness – its how you handle the sadness that determines your strength. Love does the same. There is happiness and there is sadness, but the true importance lies in how you deal with both. How you fight through the storm to get to the beautiful blue sky that will always appear. Love is an amazing feeling, a tornado of emotions – it can be beautiful but ugly, strong but deadly and loving but hurtful all at the same time. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who will stick by your side, support you, put you first, know your insecurities and lift you back up, then you can never truly be unhappy.

The art of life is knowing the beauty of love. They say you can’t choose your family, but my family is him. summer_love_wallpaper_rjtz3

The power of love that money can’t buy

ImageThe power of love is a curious thing, okay so my post has nothing to do with the ’80s song but more about the feeling associated with the power of love. Knowing how to love and how to be loved is where the power lies, and understanding that the key to a true and honest relationship is in the size of the smile of both the man and the woman. If you are able to make the other person continuously smile by just being in each others company then that is truly the essence of real love. 

If you are rich in love, then you are never truly poor, because the most important things in life are not things and cannot be bought. So, If you feel that you have to spend money and constantly shower the other person with lavish gifts to make them smile and happy then there is a true void where that love is meant to fill. I could wake up one morning and be in a horrible mood, but then when I think about the person I have in my life and who I get to speak to everyday it just takes over my whole mood and I end up smiling for no reason and that is part of where the power is. 

Love brings the elements of kindness, compassion, happiness and understanding and generates a feeling that is stronger and more powerful then any other feeling which is the reason why your emotions are high even when you’re feeling low and you find yourself feeling appreciative of even the smallest of things.

I believe whether it is someone you are in love with or someone close to your heart that you love and they give you this feeling, this power that lifts you up anytime your down then you are already the richest person in the world. You’re rich in love and that to me is better than anything or any amount of money there is. 

Love is universal, it doesn’t matter about your age, your race, your culture, your demographic, your beliefs or your gender because it is a feeling we all know or will eventually know. So if there is someone in your life that is the reason for your smile even when your sad, your laugh even when you feel like crying and your happiness even when you feel down then that is the true POWER OF LOVE. 


A Thought For Thursday- what’s on your mind?

ImageIm starting a new weekly post on my blog every thursday where I will post a ‘THURSDAY THOUGHT’, anything from quotes, to a thought I had that morning and just something I heard and wanted to comment about. As well as posting my thoughts, It would be great to hear yours too so let me know your Thursday Thoughts in the comments below. 

So here is my Thursday Thought; We may look at others and feel that they have everything, they have the job we want, the money we dream about, the love we long for and the success we crave. However, we never stop to think that life happens the way we choose it to. Nobody in life has or gets everything they want, or thought they would get. No matter how much we think someone else has or how much they succeed, we should remember that life is what we make it. Success comes from hard work, love comes from not looking for it but letting it happen and a positive life comes from kindness and the ability to not judge people. Its easy to envy other peoples lives, but by respecting what they have and focusing on getting to where you need to be through determination and passion, that is when amazing things will happen. 

 Someone else isn’t walking your journey, you are!