Monday Motivation- we are our own worst prison


We poses the ability to be who we choose to be, to love whom we desire to love, to learn all that we are capable of learning and to create from the wildest of our imaginations to the deepest of our conscious dreams. We are our own worst prison, trapped in our own fears that keep us from achieving what we are destined to achieve. If we do not let our fears destroy us, then we can forever be free.

– Aida M.images


An elephants fight for freedom

Not my usual post but one I had to share.

ImageAs an animal lover you could imagine my disgust when I saw a video posted on Facebook by PETA, of Sunder a 14 year old Indian elephant that has been chained and abused for 6 years in an old dark poultry shed. I couldn’t believe that there are still people out there who feel that treating animals in such a disturbing way is fine. Animal cruelty is not ok, it was never ok and it will never be ok.

As no one should be born into a life of suffering and pain, no animal should be either. We were all born free so why should it be any different for them. Some animals go through there whole lives in captivity and living in such poor conditions where they are beaten and tortured on a daily bases. What is most sad about this is, we as humans should know better.

I feel we have a right to be the voice for the voiceless and organisations like PETA are doing a fantastic job to help change the way animals are treated. Just imagine the pain and agony these animals have to endure because they’re animals and can’t fight for their freedom. Just looking at these images and videos or hearing these stories is enough to melt anyone’s heart or even make you cry.

If you’re sick and tired of seeing animals go through such misery as I am, then please go visit the PETA Facebook page or their website and share their stories and get more people involved. We can make a difference, and one day we will if enough people make a stand.