Monday Motivation- we are our own worst prison


We poses the ability to be who we choose to be, to love whom we desire to love, to learn all that we are capable of learning and to create from the wildest of our imaginations to the deepest of our conscious dreams. We are our own worst prison, trapped in our own fears that keep us from achieving what we are destined to achieve. If we do not let our fears destroy us, then we can forever be free.

– Aida M.images


Miss Game Changer is the name, and blogging is the aim

‘The Authentic Fake’ has been re-styled, re-named and re-branded. The same ideas, views and topics but with a new and improved look! ‘Miss Game Changer’ has finally launched and I’m ready to continue with my journey of learning, discovering and blogging about all that inspires me. The journey has started and I hope you can carry on this journey with me and keep viewing, reading and commenting your thoughts on existing and new posts I upload. People inspire me, so I’m always interested in reading your blogs and what you have to share. New posts will be updated soon so keep in touch and keep a look out for whats to come as I’m exited to introduce new and hopefully some more interesting posts. 

To be continued…