#WednesdayWisdom: Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is not just a person or a place or an object. Happiness is a state of mind. Remember, you are responsible for your own happiness. You create it, you control it and you embody it. It is the manifestation of your thoughts. You become the gate keeper of your own feelings and choose your perceptions of both internal and external forces. You layer each piece until you build a shelter that stores your deepest emotions and possess all of the tools to envision your own reality. You have the power to orchestrate a beautiful symphony that is heard through the words you speak. It is your ability to manipulate your consciousness, that allows you to be happy and feel only what you want to feel. Our mind is that strong. You are that strong. Therefore, live the life that makes you happy. Live the life you deserve.

–          Aida M


Dear mother-in-law…

Just because you’re married, you’re under no obligation to be emotionally abused by toxic people. If someone gets bullied, you would tell them to distance themselves from that person. If someone gets treated with no respect, you would tell them they deserve better. If someone gets verbally attacked by not just one person, but a group, you would tell them to separate themselves as far as possible from those people and the situation. Just because she is your mother in law, that doesn’t mean you need to tolerate a hurtful relationship with a cold-hearted person. She is not your marriage. She doesn’t define who you are and she sure as hell can’t make you feel worthless.

If you could tell your mother-in-law one thing, what would it be?

Dear mother-in-law, thanks for reminding me that I am a strong person and will never be broken by your words.


Wednesday Wisdom – The attraction of love 

The majority of the time the way someone looks is what attracts us. That’s how it usually starts. No matter how much we argue this and disagree, deep down we know, it’s how it starts. But looks fade, it can only attract us to someone for so long. If the attraction is only based on appearance then sometimes we become so numb that eventually we are left with, nothing. Looks don’t touch our hearts or move our soul, so eventually that attraction fizzles away. However, a kind heart, a good conversationalist and an ability to make you laugh, now that’s something that attracts more than the eyes. Their looks catch your attention but their personality, oh their personality lights a fire deep within you that burns for a lifetime. 
– Aida M.

Monday Motivation- we are our own worst prison


We poses the ability to be who we choose to be, to love whom we desire to love, to learn all that we are capable of learning and to create from the wildest of our imaginations to the deepest of our conscious dreams. We are our own worst prison, trapped in our own fears that keep us from achieving what we are destined to achieve. If we do not let our fears destroy us, then we can forever be free.

– Aida M.images

To the sensitive souls…

The kindest of hearts are usually the most sensitive. The genuine souls are usually the ones that have hurt the most. They give their whole world to the person that lets them in. They will welcome you with open arms, and trust your every word. However, if you destroy their confidence, lose their respect or break their heart, they will forever put up a wall and shield their heart from you. They are tortured souls, searching for kindness from those who deserve it. They are not able to control their passion, their love is often misunderstood for weakness. This type of person needs the most compassion, they need a love that will guide them back to their happiness. They often shine bright, but their light is overpowered by the darkness that fills their spirit. Despite any struggles they go through, they remain genuine and pure. They become leaders for those who have been broken. And, no matter how much pain they have suffered, how much their heart has been broken, they will accept you and trust your intentions. They are birds, ready to fly, and when loved they spread their wings so beautifully and soar across the sky.
– Aida P 

‘Thursday Thoughts’ – The Naked Truth about beauty


We live in an age where people make it impossible for woman, men and anyone to feel comfortable with who they are and to embrace themselves fully. The media has always objectified the female body, women have always been exploited as ‘sexual objectives’ but now social media is doing it too. All we see everywhere are naked images, you don’t even have to open a Playboy to see provocative poses and womanly bits. Just go on Facebook and Instagram! This has just opened doors for more and more negativity but also insecurity.

The negative side of this is people, with their stupid,  hurthful comments about other people’s weight and how someone looks is unjustifiable and unpeasent to hear. Body shaming is not right, hiding behind a computer and writing horrible things about someone’s appearance is a cowardly and pathetic thing to do. Talking about a woman’s body as if it is on display – objectifying each curve, each imperfection and each edge of her body as if any woman needs someone else’s approval or opinion is completely unnecessary. Therefore, loving yourself is beautiful, focusing on yourself and not on other people’s comments and unrealistic expectations is the sexiest thing a woman can do. If we spend our lives trying to live up to an image, a representation or an opinion of what makes someone beautiful, than we will live our whole lives in darkness. Constantly wondering why we don’t look a certain way and why we don’t fit into this Instagram ‘beauty bubble.’ Eventually it will keep dragging us down till we lose sight of what in fact was most beautiful about us in the first place. What makes us different from each other is what makes us most beautiful. However, the one thing that I find most degrading and disturbing is knowing it is not only men that are objectifying women, it’s women doing it to each other. Instead of uniting and celebrating one another, we have entered into a society where women compete and destroy each other’s confidence. Labels and comparisons need to stop. Is there any wonder children are growing up in a world filled with false images of what it is to be a woman? One thing to remember is, why would you want to be someone else, when you can be yourself!