#THURSDAY THOUGHTS: Love has no boundaries

Sometimes you might go through struggles, the feeling that you’re alone trying to fight a war that has already decalared its winner, but as with life, the battle is only as tough as you make it. If you let people make your decisions for you or try to influence you then whose life are you really living? We should respect the opinions of others, listen to them, understand them and use them, but that’s where it ends. No matter who the person is or what their opinion is it shouldn’t determine what your outcome is. For me, love is the most powerful and inspirational thing I can have and be blessed enough to have. So to listen to the opinions of others on the relationship I have or the love I choose to have is something I have learnt to throw to one side and leave it there.

People will always have their perception of what they think you should do or what they think will happen but in no way should that become a factor in your decisions. Society said same sex marriage was wrong, does that mean we should listen? No! Love is what we want it to be; love has no colour, no gender and no barriers. We only get one chance at this life, so do we really want to waste it worrying or feeling abandoned by society? That we haven’t continued to follow years of tradition that should never have even been important enough to have lasted as long as it has? The answer is and will always be NO. Tradition is just that, it’s one generation’s idea that has surpassed its years. It’s time for a new tradition, it’s time to create our own traditions and be the first generation to really know what it’s like to be free and living for ourselves.

Remember love has no boundaries – No race, gender, culture, religion, or language.


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