Fear is a burden; let it go

“Destroy the fear in you before the fear destroys the life before you”
-R.M Drake.

In the year to come, let go of those who hurt you. Leave behind any grudges that you may have had and learn to forgive the sadness that you felt with those that walked away. For they too are hurting. Take the pain and tears you felt and wipe them away as you build your path of the road ahead. Dont look back and have any regrets, look back at all the struggles as a guidance to the achievements you want to have. Look at your mistakes as a lesson, for those who dont make mistakes arnt truly living. Take each moment, each breath and each day as a blessing. It may not have been an easy ride but it was another day lived and that alone is an accomplishment that will bring fire to your soul.

So take the new year as it comes and welcome it with open arms. Don’t waste a day just existing, embrace it and live it to the fullest. The heart should be free to enable all its beauty and love, so dont let it settle in a cage. Take the new year as a new experience. Don’t be afraid to do what you were once scared to; think with your mind, be kind with your heart and dream with the dreamers.


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