‘Thursday Thoughts’: When love is the strongest drug

Its been a while since my last ‘Thursday Thoughts’, but I’m back and I thought it was only fair for me to dedicate my first thought to the beauty of love. So lets define love. Love is…well what is love? how do you define it? how do you put into words the most beautiful feeling yet the most scariest thought. You can’t. Not even Shakespeare could. I have always believed that the most amazing things in life can’t be described. It’s impossible to, someone once told me love was like war and peace. When I actually took a second to think about it, it felt like the perfect definition. It comes with mixed emotions, it’s like a tornado meeting a volcano, both destructive and peaceful. Love is part of nature, and nature can be both cruel and kind. It’s what you choose to make it, it’s how you choose to handle it. It’s not always your decision, but you have the power to make it good.

The rain may pour down heavily, but eventually clears up and reveals a blue sky. Love is no different. An argument may seem bad once you’re dealing with it, but if the love is there then the cloudy sky will always be replaced with a beautiful rainbow. Love is the strongest drug that exists for a human, when you don’t have it you want it and when you have it you need it more.

When you’re in love, you see life through someone elses eyes. You see the beauty they see and the pain they feel. True love will unite you with the other person, it will enable you to feel things you have never felt before. It opens up your eyes and allows you to feel, it becomes an addiction that will never go away, and that’s alright. We not only want it, we need it. We need it when its good, but we also need it when it’s not, because without the bad the good wouldn’t exist. It wouldn’t be appreciated, the bad times help you realise how wonderful the good times really are.

Love is not only sacred, it’s important. We as human beings need to love, be loved and experience love. It’s part of our existence, so once we understand the essence of love and how essential it is then maybe we will as a human race learn to not deny others from experiencing the same feeling. Everyone has a right to fall in love, just as everyone has a right to learn, or to breathe or to have freedom. We all have a right, as long as we are all on this earth together we all have the ability and the choice to love. So choose wisely.


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