‘Thursday Thoughts’: Be the change, It starts with you…

‘THURSDAY THOUGHTS’ Be the change you want to see in the world! 

To see change happen within our world, we should be the change. We can’t expect greatness and achievement by just taking a back seat and waiting for someone else to even make the smallest of changes. Nothing great comes from comfort zones, we should take risks and experience something new that we might have never thought of doing before. To achieve greatness, you have to think like a great leader. To achieve results, you must make the time to to work towards them. Seeing a change in our world, doesn’t just mean making a big change and influencing others. It also means making a change in our own attitudes and having positive impacts within our own lives. You can’t influence the world, unless you start with YOU. 

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing reflects our character, it allows us to see that we can do so much more then what we limit ourselves to do. If we change how we think then we will change how we feel, and by changing ourselves we change our world. People don’t control our feelings, we do. We have the power to feel sadness, happiness, anger and love and nobody can control them unless we give them permission. 

Be the change in your world, because that can influence others to be the change in their world. 


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