Find your sunshine within the rain

A little thought to inspire you before this weeks ‘Thursday Thoughts’. A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. A bad day begins with a negative attitude. If you take all the negatives out of your life and replace them with positive thoughts you’ll begin to see blessings in the smallest of things. To have a happy life, believe that you do. To have a blessed life, believe what you have is a blessing and treat it as the most amazing gift you could have ever received. The moment we start to realise this is the moment we start to love life. You’re only happy as much as you allow yourself to be. You control your attitudes and fears, if it’s raining be your own sunshine, if you’re bored, create your own entertainment and if you’re scared, believe that courage comes from overcoming ones fears.

The decisions and sacrifices you make today, can impact the future you make tomorrow. So make it good!


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