‘Thursday Thoughts’: Don’t give up on your dreams, keep sleeping!

ImageToday’s ‘Thursday Thoughts’ is all about never giving up. I was inspired today by simply just thinking positively and believing that i am capable of achieving anything I set out to achieve and with an open mind and positive mind there is nothing out of reach. For a long time I believe I had a negative outlook on life and I didn’t see all the possibilities out there because I wasn’t looking through fresh eyes. However, Once I took a step back and opened my eyes to a new perspective and gave myself a bit more praise I achieved happiness and a goal I set for myself had finally been achieved. 

Whether you have goals, dreams, ambitions or even a plan that you wish to someday accomplish and achieve, there is one thing that you should always tell yourself; NEVER GIVE UP because you might miss a great opportunity thats right around the corner. If one route is blocked, take another, because life without ambition is dull. Although it may not happen straight away, or might take a lot of hard work and time just remember the journey is just as important as the achievement in itself. 

Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does anybody else. A dream is important, but it is what you do with that dream and how hard you work for it that sets you apart from the crowd.



2 thoughts on “‘Thursday Thoughts’: Don’t give up on your dreams, keep sleeping!

  1. Excellent theme for today. I think contemporary society has groomed us to expect immediate results–so it is more difficult to face failure now. We get instant feedback and messages via social media. We can buy just about anything online in an instant. Succeeding at something has never really changed. For the most part, it will require lots of time and effort, and will likely include multiple failures.

    Never giving up shows the content of one’s character. And to keep trying will only make success, when you finally get there, all the more sweet.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it! I couldn’t agree more, never giving up shows how strong and determined we are to reach our goals and achieve our success. I feel with having the instant feedback we have become more impatient and we expect results straight away because thats the world we are living in today, but you’re right succeeding at something has never changed but the journey to success has. If we put the effort in, we will see the positive results!

      Hope you had a good weekend.

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