The power of love that money can’t buy

ImageThe power of love is a curious thing, okay so my post has nothing to do with the ’80s song but more about the feeling associated with the power of love. Knowing how to love and how to be loved is where the power lies, and understanding that the key to a true and honest relationship is in the size of the smile of both the man and the woman. If you are able to make the other person continuously smile by just being in each others company then that is truly the essence of real love. 

If you are rich in love, then you are never truly poor, because the most important things in life are not things and cannot be bought. So, If you feel that you have to spend money and constantly shower the other person with lavish gifts to make them smile and happy then there is a true void where that love is meant to fill. I could wake up one morning and be in a horrible mood, but then when I think about the person I have in my life and who I get to speak to everyday it just takes over my whole mood and I end up smiling for no reason and that is part of where the power is. 

Love brings the elements of kindness, compassion, happiness and understanding and generates a feeling that is stronger and more powerful then any other feeling which is the reason why your emotions are high even when you’re feeling low and you find yourself feeling appreciative of even the smallest of things.

I believe whether it is someone you are in love with or someone close to your heart that you love and they give you this feeling, this power that lifts you up anytime your down then you are already the richest person in the world. You’re rich in love and that to me is better than anything or any amount of money there is. 

Love is universal, it doesn’t matter about your age, your race, your culture, your demographic, your beliefs or your gender because it is a feeling we all know or will eventually know. So if there is someone in your life that is the reason for your smile even when your sad, your laugh even when you feel like crying and your happiness even when you feel down then that is the true POWER OF LOVE. 



2 thoughts on “The power of love that money can’t buy

  1. Wonderfully said.

    And we definitely need more people in this world who practice love–they are giving and unselfish in putting the needs of others before themselves. Sadly, society confuses love with lust, and we are expected to practice lust more often than what is considered “boring” via love.

    • Thanks for your comment! I agree with you, I feel understanding love and the true importance of love is what we need to focus on more and not confuse it with false ideas or as you mentioned lust.

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