She got her own; Here’s to the independent women

Society teaches women; You can be ambitious, but not too ambitious. You can be in control, but know when to take a back seat. You can be successful, but not too successful. You can be intelligent, but not more then the man. You can have money, but there is a limit. And, you can aspire to achieve success, but aspire to be a wife also.

So here’s to the independent women who take those limits and say ‘I’M A WOMAN, AND I SET MY OWN RULES’.

Being ‘miss independent’ is everything that embodies a strong, successful, intelligent and powerful woman. Knowing what you want, where you are going and being your own support are the foundations of being independent and being your own woman. There is nothing more empowering and beautiful then a woman that is in control of her life and knows how to own it!

1. It’s important to be strong but know your weaknesses, understand them and learn how to control them and create something positive from it.

2. Being wise is what epitomises strong women, being able to learn from your mistakes and use them as a stepping stone for something better helps you avoid making the same mistakes again.

3. Being independent doesn’t mean being single! Wanting and loving a man for the person he is and not needing him for success and money allows your heart to love for the right reasons and not because he pays the bills.

4. Having ambition and not being afraid to exceed all expectations, knowing there aren’t any limits to what you can achieve and not letting anyone stand in your way.

4. But most importantly focusing on your strengths and being encouraging of other women and not competing with them is a beautiful and inspiring attitude to have that many women and young girls look up to and want to achieve in their own lives.

5. Therefore, being ‘miss independent’ to the fullest is being a confident woman and knowing when to leave your insecurities at home and embrace what you have and what you have achieved. Some men find confidence and an independent woman more attractive whilst others can feel intimidated by them, so it’s important to let the men still feel needed and leave certain things to them and have a balance when it comes to your love life.

But always remember, being independent means being who you want to be.




9 thoughts on “She got her own; Here’s to the independent women

  1. This was so on point. I agree 150% the thing we lack sometimes in Life is balance. Sometimes we can be too strong, independent, sucessful for our own good. Its important to incorporate humility in the things you do. I love an independent woman, a very good catch. But not one who leads with that to get brownie points and recognition because thats a red flag that insecurity is present and the independent bandwagon is obviously a coping mechanism to disguise and cover it up. Great Topic.

  2. Good topic. All thats good, what Men and Women have to realize is balance is very important in life. Too much independence, success or strength could backfire and be detrimental. Independent women are sexy and a huge turn on, catch, keeper but if she leads with that it sends a reg flag that she is obviously using the Independent Woman bandwagon to disguise and cover up some insecurities. Good Topic.

  3. Thanks for the comment, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I definitely think women can use the independent woman persona as something to hide behind as it gives of the notion that they reflect confidence and have a hard shell which makes them appear less vunverable and can take care of themselves. So I agree with you it can be a turn on for most men but also can scare many guys away as they can feel less needed. Balance is key to any successful relationship, and knowing how to keep that balance is important. I enjoyed reading your view on the topic!

  4. Ha, not being an independent woman (but just a smelly dude), I don’t have much perspective on this topic. I am glad that you sum it up quite well though.

    I do encourage all people to excel. For many of my students, they are just fine with average or “just getting by.” I try to help them see how important it is to do the best that you can–not only in helping others but also to better oneself. Average should never be a goal.

    • Haha no you’re definitely not a women but your comment is very true! It is always good to hear a mans perspective on topics such as this and how it relates to life in general. I think what you are teaching your students is an excellent view on life and being encouraging of them and wanting to see them succeed and not just get by. It is very important to be encouraging of others and help one another instead of just focusing on your own success. It relates to what I mentioned about having a balance and knowing how to work towards what you want but also accept people’s help and do the same for them. Thanks for your reply, I always enjoy reading your thoughts and I hope you can join in on my ‘Thursday Thought’ tomorrow!

    • Thanks 🙂 and I think it’s important for both men and woman to be true to themselves and achieve their goals but understand they need to balance their priorities as well.

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