What are you waiting for?

As I was thinking of new ideas to write for my blog, it got me thinking; Are we as humans programmed to always want what we can’t have? always wait for what we don’t have right now? and always feel that we would be much happier if we had this or that? It’s crazy to think that we spend so much of our time wishing and wondering and less about enjoying and appreciating. I don’t understand why we do it or why we are wasting our lives looking for future happiness when the only thing that we are wasting is the happiness we have now and the life we are living right this second.

Why wait for summer, enjoy the winter and each day leading up to it. Why wait for love or to be loved, enjoy the love you have from your friends and family and the journey you go through before meeting that special person. Why wait for money? be appreciative of what you have and the people that surround you, they are whats important in life. Why wait for anything? We could wait a lifetime for happiness, the more we wait and the more we wish for stuff the more we lose track of the importance of life and the happiness and love we have right now. It’s one thing to have dreams and goals that we set for ourselves but its another to keep waiting for them to happen and missing out on the amazing journey we go on to get to them.

Remember to enjoy the little things, because one day we might look back and realise we missed what was important. So lets try and enjoy the moment and embrace today and look forward to enjoying tomorrow when it comes. Happiness is achieved when we stop waiting for it.


4 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. Such a sweet little piece there 🙂

    Yea sometimes in life we think too much and never think to stop and enjoy the moment. It is important to have goals and targets in life but to think about it 24/7 would just make us tired. Knowing what we have now and spending our precious time with the important people makes us realise just how lucky we are as those around the world are unfortunate. The things we want in life is incomparable to those who are unfortunate as they need the most simplest things such as water, food, education and home.

    It really is important to enjoy every moment and be grateful for what we have.

    Keep blogging my love 🙂


    • Thanks for commenting and for the support 🙂 I agree with you completely about thinking of the less fortunate before worrying about things that arn’t as important. Being with the ones you love and appreciating the moments right now is what life is about. Create your happiness now, don’t wait for it to come.

      Appreciate the love boo ❤

  2. Great message, and I plead guilty as charged.

    Sadly, I have missed the good that is happening to me now as I focus on what may happen in the future. I think personal reflection is an excellent tool to prevent this from happening. If I commit to regular times where I can evaluate things that happen and see the positives, I am less likely to play the “if it were only tomorrow” game.

    • Thanks for your comment, I really enjoyed reading it because I did exactly the same as you. I think everyone does to a certain extent. I think that’s a great idea to take a step back and re evaluate everything before thinking about anything else but the present and what you have today. It’s easy to lose sight of the now and instead hope for what’s to come but once you do it there’s a lot to be thankful and appreciative of and that makes for a much more exiting future.

      I look forward to reading more of your comments!

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