Love yourself; it starts with YOU

ImageSo here’s the thing. You can be the most beautiful person in the world, when people look at you your natural beauty shines through, your eyes sparkle with happiness and your smile lights up a room. But, does any of that matter when the person you look at in the mirror doesn’t agree? If you don’t believe what you’re worth then why should anyone else’s opinion matter? It doesn’t start with what people think, it starts with what you think.

I understand it’s easier to say you should love yourself then it actually is to believe it. But we as women do need to realise that self-love is a very important factor in any relationship, any choice we make and any future love we may want. It shouldn’t be misconstrued with cockiness, because that’s far from what it is. It is a confidence that we should have and all women should reflect within their personalities and their attitudes. It starts with your head and not your mirror.

Woman are by nature insecure, no matter what you may be insecure about it is something that can control us and become a major part of our decision making, which in the long run can be a dangerous thing. To be confident is to be strong enough to not let your insecurities rise above your strength because it takes a brave person to be confident.  Even the most insecure person can appear to be the most confident, and not because they’re learning to control their insecurities but because they’re better at hiding them then the rest of us.

Every minute you waste criticizing yourself, doubting yourself or not believing your self-worth is time wasted. It’s time that shouldn’t even been spent on the negatives but should be spent on all the things that are beautiful.

So, just remember. Learning to love yourself is learning to appreciate what you have. People will always put you down, but they can also be the reason why you rise above them too. Learning to love yourself essentially allows others to love you, it opens the doors to so many possibilities and allows the sun to shine through where there used to be a grey sky. Learning to love yourself is the realisation that you shouldn’t live to false expectations and the beauty of reality is right in front of you. And most importantly learning to love yourself is a woman’s most beautiful trait, so embrace it and don’t throw another moment away on the things that are not important.


2 thoughts on “Love yourself; it starts with YOU

    • Awww thanks for your comment 🙂 and I’m glad you liked it..I think the majority of women suffer from low self esteem at one point or another. I’m just glad I could write something that other women would be inspired by. X

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