The world needs love letters

ImageTelling someone how much you love them and how you feel is something which many people forget to do. It is the little things that matter the most and mean so much more than anything expensive or any gift. Love isn’t about how much you spend on someone or how extravagant the gesture is, love is about the sweet memories and true words you show to that one special person. Anyone can spend money to impress someone, but the feelings that are expressed through words in a love letter have true meaning, they take time to be perfected and most of all it comes from the heart.

What happened to romance?  I feel our generation has forgotten the true value of romance and what it really means to do something special for your true love. The soppy long love letters that melt your heart and pull at the heart strings seem to have disappeared. We don’t tend to write love letters anymore, we spend our time expressing our feelings over messages which for me doesn’t have the same impact as a hand written personal letter.

Although it is seen as old fashioned and something which was done more in the past, it is the most loving and honest way to tell someone how much they really mean to you.  You can express all your feelings and say exactly what you’re thinking and do it in a way that is special to both yourself and the one you’re writing to. A love letter can express what you may not be able to in person, it’s like a poem that has a personal touch and each word you write means something amazing to the both of you that could warm the heart.

It’s something the person you love can keep and read over to remember that moment, that time and that feeling you and they had when they first read it and you first gave it to them. There is something special about opening a letter, you see that person with their words, their handwriting and you can imagine each breath they took between each sentence.  It can bring a smile to their face, a tear to their eye and happiness that shines like no other.

It’s not easy to write a letter or to always express everything you want to say but it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just need to be real. It doesn’t even have to be long unless you’re a poet deep down and can write pages of romance. As long as it’s personal and comes from you then that’s the important part. So, if you’ve never written a letter before or even received one then why not pull out your pen and paper and write a love letter. Even I was thinking about the one I love whilst writing this. So just remember…

Be sweet, be romantic, even be a little cheesy, but be you.


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