Not another love story

ImageWe as women are in love with the idea of being in love. We spend a long time in search for the ‘perfect’ guy that we forget to just take a moment to focus on the present and let Mr Right find us. I used to be one of those women that wished for a fairy tale romance, someone to come along and just sweep me of my feet and take me away into the sunset without any question of looking back. I spent a few years in search of finding a guy that would treat me like I deserved to be treated and be proud to have me as his girl and wasn’t afraid to tell the world. What my journey of finding true love taught me was, you can’t look for love because if you do then you end up jumping into something that may not even be love, but instead lust because you’re so determined of wanting the feeling of love.

I have had my share of unworthy men that looking back now didn’t even deserve my attention, my time or my heart. Men that were there to pass the time as I tried to find something deeper and more real, I didn’t understand this at the time, and I don’t think most women do. Women love hard, women give their hearts to men that don’t deserve it, women spend hours and days crying over someone that doesn’t deserve their tears and eventually realise there is much more out there then what they have allowed themselves to believe.

So, my story begins here. I was in search for that thing, that unexplainable moment, that kiss that could light up your whole world and make you forget everything around you but just the two of you. A feeling of being scared but excited at the same time, a feeling of thinking maybe this was the person you are meant to kiss for the rest of your life, and maybe just maybe feeling what true love was for the first time.

Then the unexpected happened once I stopped searching for romance and ‘that thing’ I was so determined to find, it found me. I had my unexplainable moment that I had been dreaming of, and it happened so quickly. However, it wasn’t just your typical boy meets girl love story; I found love in the strangest yet sweetest way. I fell head over heels after being reunited with my junior school class mate. I never saw it coming, he never saw it coming, and neither of us knew what had just happened. What started as a friendship which was reconnected after 12 years, turned into something beautiful, something that felt so natural and crazy at the same time.

It is an unconditional love that took over both our hearts. Although it took a while before we made it official there was no question that we knew we had something special that was worth holding on to. Not even John Hughes could have written a more perfect love story than this. Just like any romantic love story or chick flick, we had both ups and downs but every bad thing you go through with the one you love, in the end makes those good things that much greater. It makes you appreciate every moment that much more and feel blessed that you have someone to go through even the bad times with.

This is not just another love story, this is my love story. I didn’t go looking for love, love happened to find me and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. This whole time we were in each other’s lives in one way or another but I guess fate wasn’t ready for us to fall in love just yet.

So this is what I have learnt; we as women search for perfection, that happily ever after which never lives up to what we hoped it would. We expect too much and give too much, but maybe we should stop dreaming of prince charming and live in the now, as we could miss what is in front of us for something that is not real. My love story has been written, we are spending our second valentine’s day together and as cliche as it may sound, cupid did a pretty good job. However, if you are still searching for your Mr Right, just remember love happens when you least expect it. But if you can’t wait until then, there is always Mr right now to fill the time.


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