Think like a man; love like a woman

Image What inspired me to write this was the idea that some women can feel inferior to men or feel as if they have to put up with something or a situation because they are a woman. What we as women don’t understand is men are much more simple then what we assume them to be. We tend to over think and over complicate the male mind, when in reality a man approaches you for two reasons, either he likes you and could see himself giving it a go or he is just seeking a ‘sports fish’ to admire and then toss to one side. But of course we wouldn’t understand unless we ‘think like a man’.

The term ‘sports fish’ that I am referring to is used in the 2012 film Think like a man and is essentially a trophy girl that a man can show off to his friends, colleagues or other men and is nothing more then a short term fling. A relationship is not built on what is put on show, but a deeper connection between two people that is equal and meaningful. Which a trophy girl is not. A woman may not realise this at first and often falls in love and wants a commitment with that man, but for him she is just someone who is there to impress and when no one is around is pushed to the curb despite opening up her heart to him.

What I find amusing is, most men will say women are just as equal as they are and can act and do anything they want just as a man would be able to. However, when a woman does in fact ‘act like a man’ her actions seem far worse then that of the man’s.

But what a man may not understand and what a trophy girl does not offer is the love of a real woman. There is nothing more powerful or beautiful then the trust, emotion and heart a woman gives to a man whether he is her Mr. right or her Mr.wrong. A woman will still give her unconditional love to the man she thinks he is even if he is not the man she knows. No matter what a man does or says, a woman will still try and give her everything to him and defend him when her friends are against him, when he talks down to her and when he doesn’t give her the same love back. A woman will always give her heart, and if she loves him she will make him shine and let the world know he is her man. Most women are hopeless romantics and with what i have witnessed from past relationships or my friends relationships is that a woman will still continue trying and giving even though maybe a man would have given up. Why we do this is a question that I can’t answer but i believe if we didn’t then there would always be that voice in the back of our minds saying ‘we should have tried harder’, or ‘we didn’t give enough’ which whether right or wrong is something that is up for debate.

What I have learnt is; a woman’s love is sacred, she will give even when she does not get back, she will treasure every moment with that man even when he does not feel she is the one, But most importantly a woman, no matter how hard she tries or how much she ‘thinks like a man’ her heart will always love like a woman and no man can ever take that away from her.


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