The real imaginary

Facing-Reality-A-Tough-One-For-SprintIn many parts of the world people dream of an ideal life, built on imagination, happiness and fantasy. This is essentially the ‘American dream’, an idea created to make people believe anything is possible and this is the desired way of life. The genius that is America is due to the exports of branding, by companies like Coca-Cola, Disney and Mcdonalds and plays a significant role in creating an idealist view of life and spreading to a global level. However, you have to ask yourself, is this the lifestyle we should be living?

We are powered by consumerism and brands that is slowly becoming our whole world. No longer are we viewing adverts but they are becoming what is essentially our ‘perfect world’. We are the advertisement of what life is and should be, it’s almost blurring the notion of what once was.

We are on this pursuit of ‘the passion for the real’ yet we forget that the road we are on is leading us to a fake passion, where although we say we want to understand and experience ‘real life’ we still let the fake appearance of this become our ultimate stratagem to avoid confronting the truth.

We are surrounded by materialism which is the epitome of a ‘superficial reality’. We see, we want, we buy. That is the core of what we have been essentially programmed to need as the foundation of human nature and thus neglects any primitive characteristics of a once pre-modernist view on life. The hyperreal has taken over.

This is evident in everyday life, representations are the new real. Not to forget to mention globalization, we all know what it is and what it has become. But, it is so much deeper than what we are aware of, it has created a world where culture and individualism ceases to exist. Its not just a way to build the economy it can be regarded as a sales pitch. It offers society something that seems better than real in order to sell us something we do not actually need. Our world is starting to represent the ideas of America and their society, which looks nothing more than a theme park in itself. A ride we are all on, an exaggerated variation of what can be argued as ‘reality.’ So when you next turn the TV on, step outside your house, watch a film or go for a walk or shopping, ask yourself; is there any origin or reality left or is it all just an authentic fake?


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